Share Radio – Company Casebook

  REMEO GELATO ON SHARE RADIO’S COMPANY CASEBOOK   On Company Casebook this week (Tues and Thurs at 2, Friday at 10:30) Linda Lewis meets some of the team behind Remeo Gelato, crafters of Italian Gelato brought weekly from Milan to the UK by refrigerated lorry, which has been available via premium independent retailers and Ocado … Continued


  INTERVIEW WITH REMEO’S BRAND AMBASSADOR – JOHANNA KONTA   The French sports newspaper L’Equipe interviewed Johanna Konta in January 2017 to discover the “5 things to know about Johanna Konta, Serena Williams’ adversary in Australian Open quarter finals”. We were amazed to discover that the fifth most important point to know about No.1 British tennis … Continued

This Is Italy – 17 January 2017

Remeo Gelato’s luxury desserts   The are made using very few ingredients, all of which are not processed but only blended with fresh milk and pure raw sugar. Another product is coming from Italy to revolutionise the world of ice-cream. Remeo Gelato is a new brand that aims to produce a “luxury dessert”, with healthier and lighter features … Continued

Citylicious – 20 December

REMEO GELATO WIN THE GROCER’S TOP CAMPAIGN 2016 FOR THE ICE CREAM TUBS CATEGORY WITH ITS VIDEO FEATURING BRITISH TENNIS NO.1 JOHANNA KONTA   >> WATCH THE AWARD-WINNING CAMPAIGN FEATURING JOHANNA KONTA <<   Remeo Gelato is very proud to announce that it has been crowned the winner of The Grocer’s Top Campaign 2016 for the ice cream … Continued