Remeo is the latin
for 'I return'

Return to the standards of quality that authentic Gelato deserves.

An authentic Gelato couldn’t be produced anywhere else but in Italy, and that’s where, after years of experiments with the help of our “Mastri Gelatieri”, we have managed to create a unique process of “mantecazione”. Our award-winning Gelato is made in Milan, and after each ingredient is blended together by our Mastri Gelatieri, each jar is handfilled and checked manually before shipping fresh to the UK every week.

This craftsmanship and dedication, combined with our carefully designed jars, has allowed us to succeed in creating and delivering the true Italian Gelateria experience in a jar.

Remeo is a gelato
not an ice cream

We believe that there is no quality without authenticity. Our ethos, built around the use of the lowest amount of ingredients, all of the highest quality, and the total absence of artificial substances, results in a Gelato which is, on average, 35% lower in calories and has a reduced air content compared to regular ice creams. Due to our slow-churn “mantecazione” process, our “overrun” (the amount of air incorporated into the product) is steadily between 20-30%, even lower than the average Gelateria, offering an exceptionally denser and smoother texture and more flavour per spoonful.

The sourcing of the ingredients undergoes a strict and continuous control (high quality fresh milk, liquid Italian Espresso Coffee, Madagascan Vanilla from the Bourbon Region), all of which are not processed but only blended with fresh milk and pure raw sugar.

Due to the absence of artificial substances, the structure of our Gelato is more delicate and tends to melt quicker than traditional ice cream. The ideal serving temperature is below -10C and should not be refrozen for the best tasting experience. Preciously kept in a transparent jar, it captures the essence of the Italian love for the beauty of life.

Our designer jars are
100% recyclable and reusable

Our jars were first imagined to best preserve taste and freshness. However, we felt that this was not enough. Being obsessed with elegance and aesthetics, we worked with some of the finest Italian designers to craft our precious jars and provide you with an exclusive Gelato experience.

Remeo’s trademark jars are the result of 18 months of work with an artisan in the Veneto Region (in Northeastern Italy), a fashion designer, and a team of engineers. Inspired by luxury beauty products, we opted for a transparent packaging that displays the purity of our products, in line with our ethos of all-natural ingredients.

In addition, we ensured that all parts of our packaging were fully recyclable and reusable. The elegant design allows to reuse the jars as stylish storage components to complement any modern home.