November 24, 2022

Best Gelato in Bath

When the sun is out, the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious and tasty Gelato. The city of Bath looks glorious under the sun and has numerous ice cream parlours that serve this frozen delight. Follow this guide to find out the three best ice cream parlours in Bath you should try […]

When the sun is out, the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious and tasty Gelato. The city of Bath looks glorious under the sun and has numerous ice cream parlours that serve this frozen delight. Follow this guide to find out the three best ice cream parlours in Bath you should try at least once during your stay. 

Swoon Gelato

Swoon Gelato is one of the most famous local businesses in Bath, and some believe it serves the best-tasting ice cream in the UK. This makes sense, especially considering they won the most prominent award scheme in the UK that specialises in food and drinks: the Great Taste Awards in 2019. This ice cream parlour in Bath is located in Kingsmead Square and has been further praised as “the best Gelato in Bath” that will make all your Gelato dreams come true. To this day, it still maintains its legendary status of being the Great Taste Supreme Champion of 2019.

A tub of strawberry gelato with several ice cream scoops in a bowl.

Swoon Gelato offers a vast range of magnificent ice cream that leads to large queues of people waiting for a taste outside the door. Moreover, their Gelato is freshly-made every single day at the shop with a slow-churned method to achieve a creamier alternative to ice cream that is also lower in calories. The various awards won do not solely attest to its high quality; this Bath ice cream is made from the freshest and finest ingredients. Most of them are locally sourced, such as milk and cream, to create its popular flavours; pistachio, hazelnut, and salted caramel. A fun peculiarity of this award-winning Gelato parlour is that it also offers ‘guest’ flavours depending on seasonality. For instance, September’s guest flavours included unusual yet tasty: lotus biscuit with oat milk and raspberry, lychee, and rosé, which may initially sound strange but are sure to be delicious when tasted. 

If you dread the queues of busy and tourist-filled Bath and wish to enjoy a soft, beautiful, and smooth luxury Gelato at home, try our outstanding selection of Gelato Bundles. Perfect for anyone who wants to sample all the delicious Gelato flavours we offer. Mhmm…delizioso!

David Thayers

This Gelato shop in Bath is known as one of the oldest ice cream parlours in the city. In fact, the David Thayer’s shop on York Street has reportedly been around for at least 30 years, boasting a gorgeous location that overlooks the sunny square opposite the Abbey. This ice cream parlour in Bath used to be known as a small family business; however, now David Thayer’s has grown extensively and has over 100 employees supplying their incredible Gelato. This includes their parlour, several corner shops in a sizable geographical area, and small traders. Many people have questioned the secret of David Thayer’s dairy ice cream, and the answer is very straightforward: the high quality and natural ingredients used. There is no flavouring or artificial substances in any of their ice cream flavours: they are entirely natural and delicious Italian desserts. The old-fashioned parlour’s most famous flavours include unusual tastes like honey and ginger and more typical ones like raspberry pavlova and salted caramel.

Remeo, similarly to David Thayer’s shop, creates the finest Italian Gelato in a jar! Expertly crafted in Italy with only natural ingredients, it is definitely deemed to be authentic Italian Gelato because of the slow churn mantecazione method we use. Moreover, this method also makes the finished product smoother in texture and lower in fat due to the lack of artificial substances. Additionally, Remeo pays meticulous attention to sustainability to save the world and reduce plastic production! Our elegant jars are now made from 100% recycled plastic, and our lids are made from 100% plant-based sugarcane plastic

Diagram showing the different ways of serving ice cream.

The Real Italian Ice Cream Co

The answer to all your queries is in the name of this Bath ice cream parlour: The Real Italian Ice Cream Co. It is an absolute must-visit place in Bath if you wish for authentic Italian Gelato. The parlour focuses on tradition and typical flavours to bring the real Mediterranean flair to Bath. Even though Bath is very different from the Mediterranean, this ice cream shop is a fantastic place to eat exquisite Italian-style Gelato. Located at 17 York Street, The Real Italian Ice Cream Co is considered one of the best ice cream parlours in Bath and offers an authentic wide range of typical but also unusual and exotic flavours: all served in classic coppette or crunchy cones. In addition, they also offer a variety of delicious crêpes, for which you can choose numerous fillings as well as warm and embracing hot chocolate. This ice cream in Bath  is ideal for takeaway, so you can walk around the majestic city and soak up the Bath atmosphere while eating a scoop of natural Italian ice cream. Alternatively, you can dine inside, surrounded by the sweet smell of delicious treats. Fair warning, there may be a long queue outside the door, but it is definitely worth the wait!

Remeo creates authentic Italian Gelato from Italy, however, it has also decided to experiment and delve into more unusual, innovative, and unique Italian desserts. Head online and try our new layered Gelato desserts; one flavour is not enough, so enjoy the perfect blend of three different layers for triple pleasure. Explore our Ménage à trois selection, including our delicate Salted Caramel Gelato, topped with crunchy and caramelised peanuts, or our Tiramisu Gelato, layered with rich Marsala coffee sauce and topped off with cocoa powder. Buonissimo!