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Many times, especially during a hot summer afternoon, you find yourself craving an ice lolly to refresh your day. You face the high temperature to go to the shop, eat your ice lolly and end up being unsatisfied with its unnatural taste, googling how to freeze actual fruit and put it on a stick. Don’t worry, you don’t need to bother with home remedies, because we’ve been there before and we already have a solution for you: sorbet on a stick. It’s Remeo’s signature Italian sorbet that you already love, made with ice, sugar and a high concentration of fresh fruit puree, but it’s on a stick. No spoons, no cups, just the pleasure of a true Italian sorbetto in a stick bar form

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  • Alphonso Mango Sorbetto Stick 3x70g

    Alphonso Mango Sorbet on a Stick by Remeo Gelato from £4.99 Per Pack

    Alphonso Mango Sorbetto Stick 3x70g


    £ from £4.99 Per Pack
  • Trentino Blackcurrant Sorbetto Stick 3x70g

    Blackcurrant Sorbet ice lolly by Remeo Gelato from £4.99 Per Pack

    Trentino Blackcurrant Sorbetto Stick 3x70g


    £ from £4.99 Per Pack

Not your usual ice lolly

Remeo’s sorbets on a stick are not ice lollies: they are sorbets in disguise. We selected the highest quality fruit and, using traditional Italian methods, we created our sorbettos. But we decided that it wasn’t enough. We know you love our jars, but you might want to eat it on the go, or you might want to be sure that your sorbetto is only yours and prevent the classic ‘can I have a spoonful from your cup?’. Then we had the idea: why don’t we take inspiration from the ice lolly and put our sorbets on a stick? We tested it and it was great: Remeo sorbets on a stick have all the pleasure of a real Italian fruity sorbet and the practicality of an ice lolly. Essentially, they’re perfect.


The vegan plastic-free ice lolly that is kind to the planet

In our journey to be more sustainable, when we decided to put our sorbets on a stick we had to face a big issue. We asked ourselves if there was something we could use to wrap them that was both protective and eco-friendly. The answer was no, so we created our own biodegradable wax-coated paper wrapping that keeps our sorbet stick bars nice and protected, and doesn’t harm the environment. Our sorbets on a stick are completely plastic-free, and they’re also 100% vegan. They’re the best choice if you want to protect our planet without giving up the pleasure of a proper Italian sorbet.


The best blackcurrants and mangoes on a stick

If you’ve tried a traditional mango or a blackcurrant ice lolly there was probably something missing. That something was fruit. Our sorbets are shaped like ice lollies, but they’re actual sorbets, made with real fruit puree. We source blackcurrant in Trentino, in the Northern part of Italy, to be sure that Remeo Trentino Blackcurrant Sorbetto Stick keeps all the natural flavours that you want to taste. Same with Remeo Alphonso Mango Sorbetto Stick: 65% of it is made of the finest quality of Alphonso mango directly from India. Our sorbetto sticks are a declaration of love for nature and its awesome products.

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