With its refreshing and fruity personality, sorbetto is much more than just an alternative to ice cream. Sorbet is a refreshingly fruity way to end your dinner or a nice treat on a hot summer afternoon. For our sorbet flavours, we have selected only the best fruit and the most genuine ingredients to make the ultimate experience of freshness. Are you ready to join Remeo on an extraordinary taste journey through the best sorbets you will ever eat?

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Sorbet is a semi-frozen dessert with fruit juice as its main ingredient, and the Italian word sorbetto comes from the Turkish word şerbet, meaning ‘fresh drink’. The history of sorbet dates back to the Roman Empire when the emperor Nero basically invented frozen delivery. He wanted ice to be sourced from the Appennini mountains to be mixed with fruit juice in Rome to make sorbet. Essentially, for the Romans sorbet was so delicious that mountains were moved to make sure they could eat it – and we should always trust the Romans when it comes to pleasure! Traditionally served as a palate cleanser between the different courses, today sorbet is one of the most popular fruity desserts in the world because of its unique melt-in-mouth texture and its refreshing taste. With its high concentration of fruit puree and its traditional Italian recipes, Remeo marks a new step in the history of sorbet and makes it even tastier – we’re pretty sure that Nero would have loved it!


Sorbet is not a kind of ice cream. Both are delicious, but sorbet and ice cream are two frozen desserts that satisfy different tastes and are appropriate for different occasions. But what are the main differences between sorbet and ice cream? First, the ingredients. Sorbet is 100% dairy-free, while ice cream uses milk as one of its main ingredients. Due to the restricted number of ingredients, mostly fruit puree and sugar, sorbet also has fewer calories than ice cream, making it the perfect dessert for those counting their calories. Another difference between ice cream and sorbet is their texture: milk gives ice cream a very creamy consistency, while sorbet is less thick and icier. There is no winner in the competition between sorbet and ice cream, because, in the end, there is no competition. Ice cream and sorbet are unique desserts that can’t be compared – it depends on the tastes and preferences of each of us. What can be compared, though, is their quality, and with Remeo you always make sure that you choose the best.


The answer is yes: sorbet is absolutely vegan. There is no milk in sorbet, is totally dairy-free, and its main ingredients are ice, sugar, and fruit. As simple as it is. For our sorbet flavours, we only use 100% natural ingredients – and all of them have been approved by The Vegan Society. To give you only the best and most natural tastes, we source our fruit directly from where it is naturally grown. Our lemons come from Sicily, our Blackcurrants from Trentino in the Italian Dolomites, and our Alphonso Mango from India. Travel around the world of the most genuine tastes: try Remeo sorbetto.


If you are browsing the internet to buy sorbet online, you must remember that size matters. When you are hosting a dinner party, you want to make sure that all your guests will be able to try one (or two or seven) cups of every different flavour of sorbet. If you are on your own and want to indulge in a fruity temptation, you might want to have a single-serve portion. That’s why our N°6 Alphonso Mango sorbet comes in all the sizes and shapes you could possibly want. You can have Remeo Alphonso Mango Sorbet in a  462 ml jar or a single-serve 100ml jar. If you love ice lollies,  but find brands don’t  taste natural and genuine, we have the ultimate game-changer. Try Remeo Alphonso Mango Sorbet or Remeo Trentino Blackcurrant Sorbet on a stick. The convenience of an ice lollies finally meets a genuine fruity taste with Remeo mango sorbet and blackcurrant sorbet. If you love timeless classics, Remeo Limone Siciliano Sorbet is the dairy-free and fat-free lemon sorbet that will make you happy with only 7 ingredients. Browse all the Remeo sorbet flavours, and find the frozen sorbet that will capture your heart (and your taste buds).