The Romans used to say omne trinum perfectum: everything that comes in three is perfect, and so are Remeo’s Gelato Layers. We thought that one flavour at a time is not enough for true gelato lovers, so we decided to create a unique layered ice cream with three different layers that will mix into your mouth for a triple pleasure. Discover the selection of layered gelato desserts by Remeo and fall in love not only once, but at least three times per jar.

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It’s always the same story for those who can’t decide: so many ice cream flavours for a single spoon. You always end up wondering how the ice cream that you didn’t choose would have tasted. But ice cream knows no monogamy and Remeo has created the ideal mix of three different ice cream layers that will blow your mind. In a single jar, you will find a bottom layer of velvety gelato, a mid-layer of creamy sauce and a topping of crunchy pleasure or delicious cocoa powder. You will have three different textures and flavours in a single spoonful that will merge into a perfect unity once you put the spoon in your mouth. 

As the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed, three is the perfect number: the beginning, the middle, and the end – it’s the representation of the deity. Essentially, philosophy itself suggests that Remeo layered gelato is the divinity of the ice cream world. 


When you have only one spoon but three different layers of ice cream, it’s not obvious where to start. We recommend not to choose: just plunge your spoon through the layered ice cream jar top to bottom and experience the power of the three layers mixing together. The three layers of ice cream want to end up being a single one, made of different textures and flavours, to satisfy all your senses and needs at the same time. This is just our advice, though. At the end of the day, freedom is key: you can eat your Remeo layered ice cream however you want, as long as it makes you happy and satisfied. Also, it doesn’t matter how you eat your first three-layered ice cream, because you will definitely have at least another one to experiment with. 


We already established that three is the perfect number, so we decided to create three different layered ice creams to satisfy all your gelato needs. If you have a sweet tooth for caramel, your ideal layered ice cream is Remeo Salted Caramel Gelato with Caramel Sauce & Peanuts. The layer of crunchy caramelised peanuts will be the joy of joys when tasted together with the salted caramel gelato and the creamy salted caramel sauce. If you are an Italian layered ice cream dessert addict, you will love our Tiramisu Gelato with Coffee and Cocoa. It’s the perfect ice cream version of the iconic Italian dessert Tiramisu, and it’s frankly awesome.