Remember that summer trip in Italy, with that indimenticabile scoop of fresh, natural gelato? Thanks to Remeo, it doesn’t have to be only a memory any longer! We select the finest natural ingredients, and match with the best traditional Italian gelato-making knowledge to revolutionise the UK ice cream experience. You no longer need to go to Italy to try the most authentic gelato flavours, Remeo will deliver them straight to your home. You are left with just one task: choosing your favourite flavours and ordering some jars.

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You are probably confused about this: what is gelato? What is ice cream? How are they different and what are their ingredients. It’s okay to be lost, it’s a tricky one. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, hence the confusion, but gelato and ice cream are two different things. Both gelato and ice cream are made with the same ingredients: milk, cream, fruit or nut purée, and sugar. The main difference between ice cream and gelato is that gelato contains less cream and more milk, which makes it a lighter product with fewer calories and fat. Due to the slow churn process, gelato is also more creamy because it contains less air than ice cream. Gelato and ice cream are both delicious, but the lightness and the texture of gelato have a special place in the heart (and mouth!) of us proud Italians. This is why we are so specific about our products: Remeo is gelato, not ice cream.


The sky is the limit when it comes to Italian ice cream flavours, but there are some all-time favourites that you need to try at least once in your life – but we’re quite sure it won’t be just a one-jar-stand. We crafted our gelato in Italy, using the highest quality fresh Italian milk, and we travelled the world to select the finest natural ingredients to offer you the ultimate Italian ice cream experience. We went to Madagascar to source the best vanilla from the Bourbon area for our Madagascan Vanilla Gelato to create the perfect vanilla ice cream. Then we travelled all the way to Ecuador to find the best Ecuadorian dark chocolate for our Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato, which raises the quality and taste bar for chocolate ice cream. And, of course, we did the same for our sorbets. We reached India to find the best mangoes of the finest Alphonso variety for our Alphonso Mango Sorbet – which, by the way, comes also on a stick for all the ice lolly lovers. However, when it comes to gelato and sorbet, staying local is also an awesome option. To source our ingredients, we travelled through all of Italy, from South to North, from Sicily, where we found the best pistachio for our Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato, to the Alps, where we sourced the blackcurrant for our Trentino Blackcurrant Sorbetto Stick. It has been a long journey and we can’t wait for you to get on board and start your own journey through Remeo’s natural and awesome ice creams.