May 7, 2021

The Art Of Aperitivo Italiano

Nothing says carefree summer quite like a frozen cocktail.

Nothing says carefree summer quite like a frozen cocktail. Perfect as a refreshing treat with friends or as a dessert after dinner – “digestivo” as we say in Italian – our cocktails are some of the oldest and most beloved in the world, and with one sip will transport you to warm Italian breezes and lazy riviera afternoons. We’ve recreated three of our favourites (and given them a Remeo twist!) to bring an authentic taste of Italia into your home.


Created in the 15th century for Italian aristocrats, the Sgroppino was originally designed as a between course palette cleanser due to its refreshing, crisp taste and simplistic ingredients. These days, a Sgroppino is more often enjoyed as an after-dinner cocktail, but still retains its delicate taste and reliance on a few simple, high-quality ingredients – just like our Lemon Sorbetto.

Our friends at Della Vite created a Remeo x Della Vite Sgroppino; click here to see the Delevingne sisters in action. Allow our N.3 Siciliano Limone Sorbetto to rest for 15 minutes once out of the freezer, to be smooth enough to scoop and simply pour over a Prosecco of your choice.

Mango Bellini

The classic Italian Bellini was actually inspired by an artist- a soft pink hue painted by Venetian Giovanni Bellini captivated a young Italian mixologist so much that he was compelled to transform it into the cocktail that would one day be enjoyed all across the world. Our Remeo mangoes are sourced in India and selected carefully from the Alphonso variety, considered to be the most flavourful. The result is a sparklingly sweet cocktail, worthy of the great Giovanni himself.

To create the perfect Mango Bellini, blend one of our Alphonso Mango Sorbetto Sticks with a dash of water to make a mango coulis and then simply pour over 100ml of Prosecco and garnish with a fresh mint leaf.

Tiramisu Martini

A modern twist on an old favourite, the smooth and rich flavour of our N.7 Tiramisu Al Mascarpone Gelato creates a velvety and indulgent Martini – perfect as an after dinner dessert on a carefree summer night. The trick to a good Martini is simplicity – quality alcohol and fresh ingredients combine in the perfect combination of classic Italian dessert and sophisticated after dark aperitivo.

To create our take on an Espresso Martini, melt two scoops of our N.7 Tiramisu Al Mascarpone Gelato and add to a cocktail shaker along with the rum, coffee, vanilla extract and ice and shake for a couple of minutes. Pour and serve with a sprinkling of cocoa powder and three coffee beans.

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Cin Cin!