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The weeky appdate x Camilla Destiny + Fleur Bell

Check out Hoxton Radio and its guests discussing their favourite Gelato flavour and our multi-sensory Gelato experience at Hoxton Shoreditch Hotel on July 11th!

11 min into the show:

“We’ve got the inside scoop on how to become a gelato connoisseur, which is necessary in this weather because it’s very hot!”

“We have some very important issues, mainly ice cream. One of the most amazing, well gelato brands, not ice cream- there is a difference! You can actually learn the difference yourself at Hoxton Shoreditch Hotel, on the 11th of July from 6:30pm. They are teaching about Gelato, its Remeo Gelato, it’s going to be a really cool event! You hear about coffee tasting and wine tasting, but I’ve never done a Gelato tasting before!” . The presenter asks her co-host, “Would you go to an ice cream tasting?”.

To which she immediately responds, “Yes!”.

Lara asks Laura, “what’s your favourite ice cream, well Gelato actually?”

Laura responds, “well I thought gelato was ice cream, so I’m definitely going to go along and find out!”

Lara informers listeners “if you do want to come to the gelato tasting, you have to go to Eventbrite, I’m going to tweet out the link, its Remeo Gelato you can follow them on Twitter @remeo_gelato, or Instagram @remeogelato. It sounds amazing, I’ll be there!”.

Listen to the full podcast here