September 10, 2022

Italian Aperitivo

An aperitivo is a moment of pure enjoyment in the name of relaxation. Whether you are going to or organising an aperitivo at home, the act goes beyond the consumption of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink; it is a moment of conviviality to be enjoyed among friends and family. Don’t hesitate any longer and learn […]

An aperitivo is a moment of pure enjoyment in the name of relaxation. Whether you are going to or organising an aperitivo at home, the act goes beyond the consumption of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink; it is a moment of conviviality to be enjoyed among friends and family. Don’t hesitate any longer and learn all about the famous Italian aperitivo!

Origins: What is Aperitivo

An aperitivo drink is what we all look forward to towards the end of the afternoon, usually around 6 pm and 8 pm. It becomes almost a ritual on Fridays after work and especially on weekends. But have you ever wondered how this indispensable appointment was born? The meaning of aperitivo originates from the Latin word aperitivus, which means “that opens”. To further explain, in Ancient Greece, a doctor discovered that a drink was capable of “opening” the stomach by stimulating the sensation of hunger. Therefore, it can be assumed that at the time, what we now consider an enjoyable social moment was almost viewed as a cure for stomach-related problems.  

A few centuries later, the more modern history of the Italian aperitivo we know today was born. In Turin in 1786, the manager of a small liquor shop Antonio Benedetto Carpano gave life to what later became the most famous aperitivo drink: Vermouth. The King of Italy at the time, Vittorio Emanuele II, loved this wine so much that he made Vermouth a court drink. From that moment on, success was inevitable: Carpano’s marvellous drink had spread to all the cafes in the city, accompanied by snacks based on typical Piedmontese products such as cheeses and cured meats.

In short, from ancient medicine to a court’s adored wine, an assortment of new drinks, and numerous wines, aperitivo was transformed into an actual ritual that then spread throughout Italy. Easily comparable to the invention of happy hour in the US during the middle of the last century.

Why is Italian aperitivo so popular?

When it comes to aperitivos a recurring description is “ritual” because the Italian aperitivo is just that. It is no longer just a drink or a meal; it is a concept, a ritual, a moment. This is what makes Italian aperitivos so popular, in bars we connect with the people we know and meet new ones: it is a fun place to exchange ideas, have discussions, and build bonds. Arguably, the incredible food and drinks served during an aperitivo make it so popular. Still, having a place in common to unite friends, family and strangers can create a sense of belonging, which is far more powerful. 

Popular food and drinks

Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to drinks, and in theory, you can drink anything your heart desires during an aperitivo. However, there are popular pre-meal drinks that are usually best during an Italian apertivo. Alongside your glass, you will often enjoy what is considered Italian pre-dinner snacks. These range from savoury snacks, including slices of pizza or focaccia, crackers, olives, cured meats, and cheeses to sweets such as pastries and gelato. Considering these popular foods, Italians usually drink a beverage that pairs well with some of these foods. For instance: 

  • Wine: White, rosé and dry wines are popular drinks during an aperitivo, as well as Prosecco (the most common), which allow you to transition into dinner easily.
  • Bitter drinks and seltzers: I’m sure we have all heard of the legendary Aperol Spritz. This incredible drink is the most popular at an Italian aperitivo and enhances all the savoury snack flavours on the platter. 
  • Vermouth: The drink that started it all is strong and persistent on the palate. Dry Vermouth pairs perfectly with olives by stimulating bitter flavours and can also enhance sweet ones if preferred.
  • Cocktails, beers, and soft drinks: These drinks are slightly less common than the previous ones, but they can also fulfil the ritual’s goal. The most bitter ones stand out regarding cocktails, whereas you can find all types of beers at an Italian aperitivo.

The beauty of the Italian aperitivo is in its simplicity. As you can see above, you don’t need to spend days organising, preparing elaborate dishes or even be an experienced bartender. A glass of wine, a few olives, cheese, bread, and the desire to be in good company is more than enough. Don’t hesitate any longer and enjoy the wonderful ritual of an Italian aperitivo, whether it’s at a lively bar or in the privacy of your own home.

Gelato-themed proposals

What could possibly be better than a frozen cocktail during hot summer evenings? Although most drinks include ice, your beverages will not be immune to the summer heat, and there is nothing worse than a hot drink at an aperitivo. As a result, Remeo offers you magnificent gelato-themed proposals, ideal for a refreshing treat with friends… buonissimo!

Gelato affogato is a simple and quick recipe and the perfect alternative for the summer seasons! Gelato affogato consists of a scoop of natural and fine gelato soaked in liquor or espresso coffee. Beware, it is essential to pair the correct gelato flavour with the proper alcohol! 

There is a wide variety of pairings when it comes to Gelato affogato, but the most popular ones include: 

  1. Affogato al Whisky – If whiskey is one of your favourite liquors, you can enjoy a tasty frozen cocktail, including a creamy gelato scoop. For a delicate twist, the best pairing is our signature Madagascan Vanilla Gelato.
  2. Affogato al Prosecco – What if a Bellini could become gelato? All you need to do is choose our flavourful Alphonso Mango Sorbet and cover it with Prosecco to create the best-tasting mango Bellini.
  3. Affogato al Rum – When it comes to Rum, there is only one option, our rich and classic Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato. The result is phenomenal! 

There are endless ways to make frozen cocktails for aperitivos, but for more unique and flavourful ideas to master the art of the aperitivo Italiano click here.

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