Best Gelato in York

York, in the North of England, has so much to offer: an exciting community, a breathtaking landscape and coastline, and a well-preserved history with a fascinating heritage. It also boasts excellent culinary delights, such as pies, fish and chips, and… real Italian ice cream! Read our complete guide to find the best Gelato in York.

Ice cream parlours in York 

York Minster with signs directing to landmarks

In York’s historic city, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious frozen desserts. As a result, we have put together a guide to finding the best ice cream parlours in York. Discover innovative desserts, traditional Italian Gelato, and interesting York ice cream shops on the canal.

1. Two Hoots

If you wish for a unique York experience, you can’t miss the incredible surprise that awaits you at York’s Millennium Bridge. On a sunny summer day, there is nothing better than finding the Two Hoots ice cream boat moored. This creative Gelato shop has cleverly taken the concept of the ice cream truck out on the water to create the ultimate York ice cream boat

This hybrid is not only a cheerful image but also offers varied and delicious ice cream products. In fact, every day, they provide a stunning selection of real ice creams and sorbets. Explore this unique and charming floating ice cream parlour and try their most popular flavours, including typical Gelato tastes such as chocolate and caramel, to more distinct honeycomb and roasted strawberries with small chunks of fruit.

Although Two Hoots’ innovative idea is beyond perfect during the summer season, it is less practical for the rest of the year. If you would rather avoid the stereotypical cold weather and humid conditions of the beautiful city of York, check out the Remeo online store and try our incredible Gelato artisanale. We will bring the joy of Italian Gelato straight to your home in the UK. Specially made with a slow churn mantecazione process, our creamy authentic Gelato is naturally lower in fat and calories.

2. LICC – Luxury Ice Cream Company

Cleverly named LICC, it is precisely what it stands for, Luxury Ice Cream Company. Discover the precious gem of this city that makes delicious artisanal ice cream, handmade every single day in the heart of York. With an ever-changing range of flavours, from KitKat to meatloaf, their creative tastes are just one of the reasons why you should visit. 

Its gorgeous exterior located in Stonegate is beyond tempting, and the inside is equally as sweet as their delicious treats. This magnificent place boasts tables inside and outside so you can sit with your family and friends to enjoy the very best York Gelato. Nevertheless, this ice cream parlour offers an impressive selection of 150 flavours of ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. Ranging from vanilla classics to inventive combinations, their specialised team of flavourologists has created  fun and distinct flavours so delicious they are sure not to disappoint you.

A Gelato parlour with a variety of ice cream flavours in tubs.

Alternatively, you can effortlessly enjoy luxury Gelato at home with our delicious and high-quality jars, perfect for anyone that wants to sample the true Dolce Vita from the privacy of their own home. Discover our Limone Siciliano Sorbet for a sweet taste of an Italian summer, or try our Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato, sure to meet your darkest chocolate desires. Alternatively, try our signature Madagascan Vanilla Gelato made from the finest vanilla of the Bourbon area in Madagascar.

3. Trinacria Sicilian restaurant, pizzeria & gelateria

Hidden among the charming local cafes and stores on the vibrant Bishopthorpe Road, this traditional restaurant and ice cream parlour in York has long been loved by all who visit the city for its incredible homemade ice cream. The fabulous flavours and delicious portions available will not only bring a smile to your face but will offer you a little reminder of Sicily from York.

If you are passionate about tasty Italian food, Trinacria’s dedication to traditional Sicilian flavours is sure to impress you with every single one of their beautifully presented dishes and sweet Gelato. Moreover, they offer an excellent and inclusive selection of vegan options solely using the highest quality natural ingredients. Their most unusual flavours include blood orange sorbet and salted caramel. On the other hand, their much-appreciated vegan options are vast and delicious, ranging from stracciatella, peanut butter, and banana Gelato to pink grapefruit sorbets.

A variety of gourmet gelato scoops.

Remeo, much like Trinacria Gelato in York, places particular attention on how our Gelato is made. Expertly crafted in Italy with only natural ingredients, our frozen delight is healthier than typical ice cream due to the lack of artificial substances and smoother texture. Additionally, sustainability is a core value here at Remeo. We are actively attempting to reduce plastic production by making our precious jars entirely out of 100% recycled and 100% plant-based sugarcane plastic.

If you have tried this magical place in York and fallen in love with its Sicilian culinary delights, you must try our authentic Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato. Curated with only the finest Sicilian Pistacchios and high-quality, fresh milk from Northern Italy to bring the authentic taste of Italy to your home.

Best Gelato in Manchester

Through all the eccentric city streets, neighbourhoods and areas, we have discovered the best places for Italian Gelato in Manchester that you must try. There is a vast choice when it comes to such a big city: follow our guide to find the most loved ice cream parlours in Manchester!

Ice cream shops in Manchester

Exclusive Scoop

Gelato tub showcasing vanilla ice cream and vanilla pods.

Exclusive Scoop will always keep you entertained, especially since their menu is not limited to the typical vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice creams. In fact, they also include Bakewell cherry, ginger, and, last but not least, a fantastic Pimm’s-inspired strawberry and cucumber sorbet. Another exciting thing about this Manchester ice cream parlour is that it operates in different markets and fairs in the city.

So, if you want to find exclusive scoops in Manchester, head to Makers Markets, Levy Market, or the Bramhall Worker Bee Market. Championing British farmhouse cream, this intriguing Manchester-based ice cream shop has solid and meaningful values. Nevertheless, the best thing about Exclusive Scoop is that if you’re in the mood for a particular flavour of ice cream that is not on the menu, you can just propose it on their website. Tom, the owner, is always happy to receive new flavour suggestions!

However, if you get a late-night craving for creamy and delicious Italian Gelato, you are left with no choice but to head to our online store and easily purchase our Madagascan Vanilla Gelato. You can also try our authentic Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato, an indulgent treat straight from the Italian tradition  or our best-seller, Stracciatella di Bergamo, to make your tastebuds explode with joy. Delizioso!

Ginger’s Comfort Emporium

Ginger’s Comfort Emporium is a Manchester institution. Every time you see their iconic lime green and pink ice cream truck, do not hesitate to stop and try their unique and delicious Italian ice cream in Manchester. Otherwise, if you are touring around the city, you can enjoy their delicious artisanal Gelato by visiting their ice cream parlour, located on the second floor of Affleck’s Palace. Offering a wide variety of out-of-the-ordinary flavours, such as Campfire specialities, cinnamon, and orange, Ginger’s Comfort Emporium is all you need to help you keep the sugar high going until the end of your journey.

A Gelato parlour with a variety of ice cream flavours in tubs

If you enjoyed the new and innovative desserts at Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, don’t hesitate to try our luxury gelato from the privacy of your own home. Our Gelato desserts are layered ice cream with three different flavours that will perfectly blend into your mouth for a triple pleasure. Enjoy this ideal mix of three distinct ice cream layers and try our delicious Salted Caramel gelato if you have a sweet tooth for caramel or our smooth Triple Chocolate & Fiordilatte if you are a chocolate lover. 

Alternatively, you can order our creative and unique Sorbetto Sticks! They are natural ice lollies that can be effortlessly consumed as a frozen dessert with no spoons or cups.

Vegan ice cream in Manchester

Ice Shack

Founded by a small family’s love for sweets and delicious desserts, specifically vegan ones, the idea behind  Ice Shack was simple: sharing vegan desserts with the masses at affordable prices. This is because, usually, for vegan desserts, especially Gelato, you would have to pay extra for this privilege. Their increase in popularity and the belief that society must become more aware and inclusive by catering towards all diets have led Ice Shack to offer a truly mesmerising and unique experience, as well as, the best ice cream in Manchester. Their most famous soy-based flavours range from traditional chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla, whereas their more creative range includes popcorn, earl grey and rainbow sugar rush. 

Located behind Withington Library, Ice Shack is the right place if you want a unique and extravagant experience. All of the decor is one of a kind, simple and flamboyant; for example, the living room has been created with 100% reclaimed, recycled or donated furniture. This includes everything from the pallets supporting the countertops to the chairs and sofas. Nevertheless, it still holds a home aspect that will definitely make you feel at ease.

A variety of vegan gelato scoops and fruits.

Remeo, although it does not make vegan ice cream, is similar to Ice Shack regarding values and beliefs. Our Gelato artisanale is expertly made in Italy with only natural ingredients. This makes our delicious frozen treat healthier than typical ice cream due to the absence of artificial substances, and it has a softer, creamier texture. Mhmm buonissimo! Furthermore, at Remeo, sustainability is paramount. We actively seek to reduce plastic production by making our precious jars and elegant lids from solely 100% recycled plastic and 100% vegetable sugar cane plastic.

Best gelato in Liverpool

Gelato and ice cream parlours all around the world are the perfect place for a family outing, eating delicious treats, and purchasing after-dinner gifts. Liverpool is no exception. If you are looking for the best ice cream parlours Liverpool has to offer, follow our guide and get ready to enjoy the sweetest experience of your life. 

Ice cream parlours in Liverpool

There are many wonderful Gelato shops that ensure you taste the best, most flavourful, and freshest ice cream in Liverpool. Therefore, to help your search, we narrowed down a list of the four best places to go, from luxurious gelato parlours to homemade and traditional ice cream shops.

1. Paolo & Donato’s Italian Deli

A tub of vanilla gelato with two vanilla pods.

Located in Williamson Square, in the heart of Liverpool’s city center, Paolo and Donato’s ice cream parlour is one you must definitely try at least once in your life. Founded by two brothers over ten years ago, Paolo and Donato have perfected the art of making homemade gelato reminiscent of authentic Italian flavours. Offering over 20 diverse types of homemade Italian gelato, they also provide a vast range of vegan options, including strawberry, mango, and wild berries. Try, among others, their most popular flavours, including chocolate and lime cheesecake with blueberries. 

Would you like to enjoy similar incredible flavours in the comfort of your home? Remeo offers you a simple and perfect solution for when you get a late-night craving. Head to our online store and choose between our rich and dark Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato  and our delicate Raspberry Cheesecake gelato dessert. 

2. Gelato on Lark Lane

This Gelato parlour in Liverpool has been manufacturing authentic gelato artisanale in Aigburth since 2012, as well as Sorbettos for the connoisseur. During the warmer months, they offer the best ice cream in Liverpool with a wide variety of classic flavours such as Strawberry, Vanilla, Oreo, and many more. In winter, on the other hand, you can sit down inside to enjoy their widely known bubble waffles and unique sorbettos

Suppose you would like to avoid the scorching heat during summer or freezing cold weather in winter. In that case, you can enjoy a soft, delicious authentic Italian sorbetto from the privacy of your home with Remeo. 

Try our light and creamy Limone Siciliano Sorbet or our fruity Alphonso Mango Sorbet, made from the finest Indian Alphonso variety mangoes. Mhmm…buonissimo! With only natural ingredients, our Sorebetto has been approved by The Vegan Society and is a Great Taste Award Winner. Don’t hesitate any longer and head to our online store!

3. The Reader Ice Cream Parlour 

Located in Calderstones Park, this Ice Cream Parlour in Liverpool provides not only delicious gelato but also cold drinks, coffee, tea, ice lollies, and other snacks. Similarly to Gelato shops in Italy, The Reader Ice Cream Parlour is open all year round and is perfect for enjoying with family and friends any day, any time. Furthermore, tables are available both inside and outside, allowing you to comfortably experience a wide selection of delicious flavours supplied by Cheshire Farm Ice Cream. What is particularly special about this ice cream parlour in Liverpool is that they gift all the profits generated by the parlour to the Reader charity in support of charitable work with communities throughout the United Kingdom.

A Gelato parlour showcasing a variety of ice cream flavours in tubs.

If you decide to try the creative ice lollies and love them, you should definitely order our new, Sorbetto Sticks! Natural ice lollies that can be effortlessly consumed as a frozen dessert with no spoons and no cups at home. Delizioso!

4. Nicholls of Parkgate

The Nicolls of Parkgate ice cream shop is one of Liverpool’s oldest, most traditional parlours. They are incredibly talented at making ice cream on-site solely using the finest ingredients and have been open for over 75 years. Specifically, they produce and even sometimes invent unique flavours in their ice cream factory, which is located behind the shop. If you are ever staying in the beautiful Merseyside capital, you must visit this special gelato parlour and explore the various scrumptious flavours to choose from, each handmade. Furthermore, Nicholls of Parkgate boasts a gorgeous location. This gelateria in Liverpool overlooks the Dee Estuary and has beautiful views making it a fantastic place to relax, try new desserts, and create memories with your friends and family. 

If you enjoy unique and creative Gelato desserts, discover our Ménage à trois selection, which is sure to impress you and whoever enjoys it with you. Try our rich Salted Caramel, topped with crunchy caramelised peanuts, our Tiramisu sprinkled with cocoa powder, or our Triple Chocolate & Fiordilatte if you are a chocolate lover.

Best Gelato in Bath

When the sun is out, the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious and tasty Gelato. The city of Bath looks glorious under the sun and has numerous ice cream parlours that serve this frozen delight. Follow this guide to find out the three best ice cream parlours in Bath you should try at least once during your stay. 

Swoon Gelato

Swoon Gelato is one of the most famous local businesses in Bath, and some believe it serves the best-tasting ice cream in the UK. This makes sense, especially considering they won the most prominent award scheme in the UK that specialises in food and drinks: the Great Taste Awards in 2019. This ice cream parlour in Bath is located in Kingsmead Square and has been further praised as “the best Gelato in Bath” that will make all your Gelato dreams come true. To this day, it still maintains its legendary status of being the Great Taste Supreme Champion of 2019.

A tub of strawberry gelato with several ice cream scoops in a bowl.

Swoon Gelato offers a vast range of magnificent ice cream that leads to large queues of people waiting for a taste outside the door. Moreover, their Gelato is freshly-made every single day at the shop with a slow-churned method to achieve a creamier alternative to ice cream that is also lower in calories. The various awards won do not solely attest to its high quality; this Bath ice cream is made from the freshest and finest ingredients. Most of them are locally sourced, such as milk and cream, to create its popular flavours; pistachio, hazelnut, and salted caramel. A fun peculiarity of this award-winning Gelato parlour is that it also offers ‘guest’ flavours depending on seasonality. For instance, September’s guest flavours included unusual yet tasty: lotus biscuit with oat milk and raspberry, lychee, and rosé, which may initially sound strange but are sure to be delicious when tasted. 

If you dread the queues of busy and tourist-filled Bath and wish to enjoy a soft, beautiful, and smooth luxury Gelato at home, try our outstanding selection of Gelato Bundles. Perfect for anyone who wants to sample all the delicious Gelato flavours we offer. Mhmm…delizioso!

David Thayers

This Gelato shop in Bath is known as one of the oldest ice cream parlours in the city. In fact, the David Thayer’s shop on York Street has reportedly been around for at least 30 years, boasting a gorgeous location that overlooks the sunny square opposite the Abbey. This ice cream parlour in Bath used to be known as a small family business; however, now David Thayer’s has grown extensively and has over 100 employees supplying their incredible Gelato. This includes their parlour, several corner shops in a sizable geographical area, and small traders. Many people have questioned the secret of David Thayer’s dairy ice cream, and the answer is very straightforward: the high quality and natural ingredients used. There is no flavouring or artificial substances in any of their ice cream flavours: they are entirely natural and delicious Italian desserts. The old-fashioned parlour’s most famous flavours include unusual tastes like honey and ginger and more typical ones like raspberry pavlova and salted caramel.

Remeo, similarly to David Thayer’s shop, creates the finest Italian Gelato in a jar! Expertly crafted in Italy with only natural ingredients, it is definitely deemed to be authentic Italian Gelato because of the slow churn mantecazione method we use. Moreover, this method also makes the finished product smoother in texture and lower in fat due to the lack of artificial substances. Additionally, Remeo pays meticulous attention to sustainability to save the world and reduce plastic production! Our elegant jars are now made from 100% recycled plastic, and our lids are made from 100% plant-based sugarcane plastic

Diagram showing the different ways of serving ice cream.

The Real Italian Ice Cream Co

The answer to all your queries is in the name of this Bath ice cream parlour: The Real Italian Ice Cream Co. It is an absolute must-visit place in Bath if you wish for authentic Italian Gelato. The parlour focuses on tradition and typical flavours to bring the real Mediterranean flair to Bath. Even though Bath is very different from the Mediterranean, this ice cream shop is a fantastic place to eat exquisite Italian-style Gelato. Located at 17 York Street, The Real Italian Ice Cream Co is considered one of the best ice cream parlours in Bath and offers an authentic wide range of typical but also unusual and exotic flavours: all served in classic coppette or crunchy cones. In addition, they also offer a variety of delicious crêpes, for which you can choose numerous fillings as well as warm and embracing hot chocolate. This ice cream in Bath  is ideal for takeaway, so you can walk around the majestic city and soak up the Bath atmosphere while eating a scoop of natural Italian ice cream. Alternatively, you can dine inside, surrounded by the sweet smell of delicious treats. Fair warning, there may be a long queue outside the door, but it is definitely worth the wait!

Remeo creates authentic Italian Gelato from Italy, however, it has also decided to experiment and delve into more unusual, innovative, and unique Italian desserts. Head online and try our new layered Gelato desserts; one flavour is not enough, so enjoy the perfect blend of three different layers for triple pleasure. Explore our Ménage à trois selection, including our delicate Salted Caramel Gelato, topped with crunchy and caramelised peanuts, or our Tiramisu Gelato, layered with rich Marsala coffee sauce and topped off with cocoa powder. Buonissimo!

Best Gelato in Brighton

Brighton, also known by many as “London but with the sea,” is a city full of unique local businesses. Likewise, these regional gems attract millions of tourists every year who want to get to know the eccentric city. Are you considering taking a trip to the Brighton seaside for a taste of the British summertime? Check out Worthing and Brighton’s best ice cream parlours with our expert guide!

Ice cream shops in Brighton

Brighton is home to many gelato places. They produce not only traditional Italian Gelato but also more fun and innovative alternatives to ice cream that are sure to make your visit memorable

Here is  our list of the best ice cream shops you must try in Brighton and Worthing: 

Boho Gelato

Boho Gelato is an ice cream parlour located in the Kemp Town area, and their ice creams are recognized as the best gelato in Brighton. Interestingly, it has been part micro-factory, shop, cafe, and an award-winning artisan Italian ice cream parlour in Brighton since 2010. As a result, Boho Gelato offers you delicious frozen cakes as well as more traditional ice cream-style desserts. Their most popular flavours range from standard Vanilla and Chocolate to more peculiar Apple, Mojito, and Avocado tastes. It is undoubtedly an excellent place to enjoy in the company of family, friends, or with your partner. Visit their shop for a flavoursome scoop and enjoy Brighton’s beautiful sea landscape with traditional Italian music playing in the background.

In addition, they offer some of the most delicious vegan options and source their ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. This is because being near the seaside has made them increasingly aware of the environmental damage the food business can create. Correspondingly, they have been actively making changes to minimise their impact on the planet. For instance, they solely use spoons and cups that are entirely biodegradable.

This is a significant topic that, if you like and care about it, will make you fall in love with our delicious Gelato. Remeo, much like Boho Gelato in Brighton, has strong views on sustainability and is actively attempting to reduce plastic production in order to preserve the world from environmental pollution. Our luxurious jars are 100% made from  recycled plastic, and our elegant lids are 100% from plant-based sugarcane plastic. Join us on our magnificent journey to save the planet and reduce plastic production!

A Gelato parlour with a variety of ice cream flavours in tubs.

Gelato Gusto Brighton

Gelato Gusto is a premium ice cream parlour that offers Italian-style Gelato in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine. Their Gelato is delicious and incredibly fresh as they produce batches each day above the shop using products from a local Sussex dairy. They create exquisite gelato flavours rather than ice cream, which are lower in fat and creamier. With up to 30 flavours to choose from, ranging from Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Blueberry, Pie, and Jaffa Cakes, Gelato Gusto also makes a tempting selection of sorbetto flavours

If you wish to enjoy sorbettos every single day in the privacy of your own home or keep them as a gourmet dessert for when you organize a dinner party, our natural Sorbetto Sticks are the perfect choice. Check out the online store full of delicious flavours and purchase authentic ice lollies that allow you to easily consume a frozen dessert with no spoons and no cups. Mhmm…buonissimo!

Brass Monkey

Established in 2017, Brass monkey offers an innovative variety of Gelato flavours, ranging from regular and famous ice creams to more creative ones, including Matcha Green Tea, Lavender, and Honey. Brass Monkey’s unique flavours have become famous worldwide and have quickly rivalled some of the best ice cream parlours in Brighton despite being a newcomer. They have fantastic potential due to their quality and creativity; they also create imaginative and clever cakes, which may seem odd when you read the list of ingredients, but are definitely delicious!

If you appreciate slightly unusual, innovative, and unique Italian desserts, try the  layered gelato desserts, a perfect blend between three different flavours to achieve triple pleasure. Explore our Ménage à trois selection, including our Triple Chocolate & Fiordilatte if you love chocolate and our delicate yet crunchy Raspberry Cheesecake. Delizioso!

Stracciatella and chocolate gelato scoops on a platter.


The ice cream parlour Marroccos can be considered a Brighton institution. it opened on the Hove seafront in 1969 and has served authentic Italian food and ice cream ever since. Perfect for a seaside stroll during the summer, this family-owned business, run by a father and son, now has fourth-generation consumers who can sample one of Hove’s traditions. The family has expanded its range through the years to 24 tasty flavours and has maintained its fresh and traditional methods of production.

If you struggle to pick among a vast selection of delicious flavours or find it an overwhelming task, do not fret: Remeo ensures you can enjoy the delightful tradition of Italian Gelato stress-free without leaving the comfort of your home. Effortlessly enjoy luxury gelato artisanale with our Gelato Bundles, perfect for anyone that wants to sample the true Dolce Vita. These bundles include a delicate selection of all our gelato flavours. They are incredibly suitable for those who wish to discover our full range of pure Italian goodness or for customers willing to send well-thought-out gifts to their loved ones.

Coffee Culture in Italy

Over time, coffee has become an integral part of Italian culture. The consumption of coffee in Italy is linked to every aspect of a person’s life, from the use of the Moka coffee maker at home and the espresso machine in bars, restaurants, and workplaces. The history that binds Italians to coffee culture is old and has deep roots in the country’s overall culture. Learn all about the drink that is part of a social ritual and its cultural peculiarities.

Espresso Culture

Espresso in ancient Italian indicates a product obtained by pressing or, in some way extracting in that exact moment. For this reason, the word espresso means rapid action and denotes specially and instantly prepared food/drinks. Therefore, it is the ideal product to consume by anyone who has the urgency to get to work, university or a meeting. The vast majority of Italians start their day with an espresso consumed at the bar; you order before going to the office, during a work break, when your lunch meal ends and even after dinner at a restaurant or home. 

Coffee Culture in Italy

Coffee marks the daily time for many Italians for its precise recurrence in the various phases of the day and because it is a measure of time. “Giusto il tempo di un caffè” or “Prendo un caffè e arrivo” are recurring phrases in the Italian language referring to the precise times of its instant and codified preparation. It is also synonymous with conviviality and daily appointments. “Want to have a coffee?” is a common phrase used to socialize, seal a deal, have a break from work, see friends, and even start a relationship.

Espresso Culture thusly leads us to other aspects of Italian coffee culture; for instance, the fact that many Italians don’t drink a cappuccino after 11. This is a widely known conception; some might consider it almost criminal in Italy to drink cappuccinos after a particular time. Nevertheless, there does not seem to be a very detailed reason why Italians prefer not to drink a cappuccino after breakfast, and it also has very little to do with coffee. The issue seems to lie in the other cappuccino ingredient: milk. It is widely known that drinking milk after the morning has passed is terrible for digestion; this obviously extends to lattes and other coffees with enough milk. To complicate matters, Italy has almost an entire culture linked to digestion. For instance, they are very famous for their Mediterranean diet, which highlights their particular interest in the subject. Therefore, it can be argued it is not surprising this is part of the Italian coffee culture

Different types of coffee

How many types of coffee are there in Italy? It is fascinating how Italian creativity has managed to take an inimitable product and transform it into many variations of a ritual that can be ordered and enjoyed at the bar or made in the privacy of your own home. With all the different variations of Italian coffee in a cup, it is simpler to say “coffee please” in Italian if you are searching for the perfect coffee in Italy. This is because there are precisely over 40 diverse types of Italian coffee in the world, and with a bit of imagination, coffee can satisfy all palates.

Coffee at the bar

There are no better or worse Italian coffee types; there is only the coffee you like best! Of course, let’s specify that the equipment with which it is prepared is undoubtedly able to make a difference. A professional coffee machine can maximize the properties of the coffee blend, but excellent coffee can be made at home, depending on your taste. In reality, the significant difference between having un caffè al bar or at home is that at the bar, you get a daily dose of energy and a necessary social interaction that becomes a ritual before going to work or university.

Coffee Culture in Italy

Morning coffee at the bar is synonymous with relaxation and the company of friends and colleagues. You sit down and wait for table service calmly while you chat with a friend, read the newspaper, or scroll through your phone. After placing your order, you can taste the chosen drink accompanied by a good biscuit, croissant, or a small scoop of Gelato, of course! 

Our Madagascan Vanilla Gelato is the most traditional combination and one you will certainly not regret. The milk’s protein binds to the tannins of Italian coffee, making it less bitter and more pleasant on the palate. Delizioso!

It happens to almost everyone. Coffee after lunch seems to be the only remedy for drowsiness and makes returning to the office a less titanic task. It is common to hear or read that coffee after meals aid in the digestion process and puts us in a state of alertness. However, considering the passion for coffee is undoubtedly a factor that unites all of Italy, for many, it is a consolidated habit over the years that they would not be able to give up. 

Coffee at home

A strong coffee typically served in a small cup, espresso, is usually enjoyed at the bar, always and strictly in the small cup and not in a mug, creating an indispensable pleasure. However, those who love to wake up to the aroma of fresh and warm coffee that invades your home also appreciate a morning espresso that makes you start the day the right way. This is possible due to the most effective compromise between coffee at the bar and typical coffee pods: the pod machine. This preparation method, called espresso and known today worldwide as a symbol of Italian coffee, is the one that indeed manages best to enhance coffee’s visual and organoleptic characteristics.

Another circumstance where coffee is an essential part of Italian culture is after a dinner party at home with friends or family. It is customary to offer coffee after dinner, especially with its unbeatable partner, Gelato. In fact, an irresistible gelato and coffee dessert exists for this kind of situation: affogato al caffè, a strong coffee typically served in a small cup with a scoop of ice cream inside. Buonissimo

Affogato with our Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato is the perfect match for those who love the intense taste of chocolate that blends with a strong Italian coffee, creating a soft and creamy cup

Alternatively, you can also try our delicious creation, a Ménage à trois of decadent layers: delicate Tiramisu gelato layered with rich Marsala coffee sauce, mascarpone cheese and topped with a dusting of cocoa powder.

Best Gelato in Birmingham

Located in the West Midlands region of England, Birmingham hosts many Italian Gelaterias. You can’t beat life’s simple pleasures, so what better way to cool off during the hot English summers than with a sweet treat? Nevertheless, enjoying an excellent gelato in Birmingham or even a refreshing cup of frozen yoghurt doesn’t have to be just in the summer. Discover the best ice cream shops in Birmingham and West Midlands with our guide.

Places to get ice cream near me

Imagine you are walking down the streets of Birmingham and the West Midlands, admiring the fantastic scenery from rolling hills to inner city parks and want to enjoy a traditional Italian gelato artiganale. Where do you go to find the best? 

Everyone’s first instinct is to google “gelato near me”; however, that will not be necessary. Here’s a list of the ice creams you can easily purchase and must try in Birmingham and West Midlands:

The Proud Sicilian 

The Proud Sicilian Birmingham

This Gelato parlour is proud to serve traditional Italian Gelato from Jesolo outside Venice. This incredible gelateria is a treasured neighbourhood gem that also boasts a marvellous terrace area under a canopy of lush foliage. During the hot summer seasons, this gelato place will allow you to escape to Italy while being in the heart of Birmingham. You will be thrilled by its authentic Italian flavours, including strawberry, hazelnut, pistachio, and vanilla, that can be enjoyed in their family-friendly, cosy and enchanting Italian establishment. 

If you wish to enjoy these particular flavours every single day in the privacy of your own home, check out our online store and easily purchase our authentic Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato reminiscent of the streets of Bronte, Sicily, and Madagascan Vanilla Gelato, a clean and delicate taste of superior quality. Buonissimo!

Joe Delucci’s Gelato 

This ice cream parlour embodies a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years. What is particularly unique and special about this place is that they also offer incredible sundaes and fruit smoothies that are gluten-free, non-dairy, fat-free, and vegan. The great news is this also extends to their vast range of gelato flavours! Since 2005, they have used fresh and natural ingredients, free of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

Joe Delucci's Gelato 

If this is a topic you like, care and are interested in, you will love our delicious Gelato. Remeo pays meticulous attention to sustainability by ensuring an absence of artificial substances in all our Gelato flavours, offering a more delicate structure and melting quicker than normal ice cream. Moreover, our jars are now made from 100% recycled plastic, and our lids are made from 100% plant-based sugarcane plastic. Join us on our magnificent journey to save the world and reduce plastic production!


Gelato in Birmingham at LA-POP!

LA-POP is a new, innovative, modern, and award-winning gelato café. Opened in 2019, this parlour specialises in handcrafted gelato lollies, exclusively made from locally sourced organic milk. This unique way of eating ice cream is available in a wide array of fantastic flavours that you can customise in any way your heart desires, with a selection of fun toppings. Embrace your creativity at LA-POP and choose from crushed Oreo, caramel crunch, mixed nuts, to coconut. That is not all: you have the opportunity to choose from eight varieties, including raspberry, coffee, mango, milk and caramel, that are then dipped in your favourite choice of chocolate flavours. Delizioso! If you are searching for a fun activity in Birmingham and West Midlands, this gelato place nearby is definitely worth visiting.

If you appreciate this dessert style, you are in luck! Thanks to Remeo, you can now have natural Sorbetto Sticks full of delicious flavours in your own fridge. In addition, if you enjoy trying new and innovative desserts, you can effortlessly enjoy luxury gelato at home with our amazing gelato desserts. Don’t hesitate any longer and try our unique layered ice cream with three different flavours that will mix into your mouth for a triple pleasure. Explore our Ménage à trois selection, including our delicate yet crunchy Raspberry Cheesecake or our Triple Chocolate & Fiordilatte if you are a chocolate lover.

Summer Essential: Torta Gelato

An ice cream cake is ideal for celebrating birthdays, having lunch or dinner with friends, or even indulging in a delicious and refreshing break during the hot summer days. With this guide, you will discover the fascinating history of these cold desserts and learn how to make beautiful, tasty, and simple ice cream cakes without having to cook!

The history of torta gelato

Many true and untrue stories have arisen around the history of gelato that narrates the birth of this magical dessert. Zuccotto can be considered the first semi-cold cake to appear on Italian dinner tables. Specifically, this ice-cream cake is of Florentine origins; it was invented at the Medici court in the 1500s by the well-known architect (but also chemist, engineer, and talented handyman) Bernardo Buontalenti, to whom many also attribute the invention of the renowned gelato aritsananle. In honour of the queen, the Zuccotto was named Elmo di Caterina, it derived from the fact that the shape of the cake resembled the helmets used by the infantry of the time.

Plain gelato cake zuccotto on a platter with sugar powder and forest fruits on top

Traditionally, the zuccotto was a dome-shaped soft sponge cake that was completely wet with an intense scarlet liqueur and stuffed with delicious ricotta and candied fruit cream. Over time, also to meet modern tastes, the recipe changed quite a lot: some wet the sponge cake with other types of liqueurs, and most fill the zuccotto with gelato.

How to make ice cream cake

Zuccotto is the pride of Tuscan gastronomy; its colours, aromas, and flavour have nothing to envy compared to a modern dessert. Despite its simplicity, zuccotto is a dessert that manages to conquer everyone; therefore, it would be logical to start with this ice cream cake recipe. Zuccotto ice cream cake is a delicious, fresh, and no-bake dessert, a quick and new variant of the great Florentine classic in the shape of a dome. In this recipe, we will maintain the form with a hemispherical bowl lined with sponge cake and then filled with delicious gelato! This unique goodness is kept in the freezer for a few hours, placed onto a serving dish and then served cold with a sprinkle of cocoa.

Ingredients for the soft sponge cake

  • 4 eggs
  • 140g of sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 120g of flour 
  • 40g of potato starch

Ingredients for the filling of the sponge cake

  • 350g of the gelato flavour of your choice 
  • 350g of chocolate ice cream
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • unsweetened cocoa powder


  1. First, you must prepare the sponge cake, then slice it to a thickness of about 1cm and cut it into strips of about 5 cm. Line the hemispherical bowl with pieces of sponge cake and wet the base with a spoon using 1 glass of water previously mixed with the sugar.
  2. Then add the 1 first layer of your chosen gelato flavour and leave 1cm of edge.
  3. Finally, add the rest of the chocolate ice cream to the centre, close the ice cream cake with a layer of sponge cake, and wet it with only 1 tablespoon of the previous water and sugar solution.
  4. Close the ice cream cake by sealing it with a transparent film and leave it in the freezer for at least 3 hours to harden. 
  5. Last but not least, serve this delicious dessert on a dish and sprinkle it with cocoa powder

And there you have it, a beautiful, tasty, and simple ice-cream cake recipe. The beauty of this gelato-based dessert is not only in its simplicity but also in the creativity that this ice-cream cake allows you to develop. As mentioned above, you can choose any type and flavour of gelato, so explore our vast and incredible range and pick the ones that suit you best!

What gelato to use in an ice cream cake

A plate with a slice of nut-based gelato cake with chocolate sprinkles

If you plan a birthday party or a dinner with friends, a delicious, layered ice cream cake surpasses everyone’s expectations. Here are some of our expert recommendations:

If you are looking for a classic pairing, we recommend our delicate Madagascan Vanilla Gelato and premium Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato. The perfect blend for when you are unsure of everyone’s specific preferences. 

Another delicious ice cream cake we recommend that is just as tasty as our chocolate ice cream cake recipe is one based on fruits instead. The best combination would be Fiordilatte and any fruit ice cream such as Raspberry or Mango. You can add pieces of actual fruit to this ice cream cake for decoration and make it look like something out of a fairy tale.

Lastly, if you or your friends are pistachio lovers, this would be the best ice cream birthday cake: an ethereal bled of our traditional Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato and Stracciatella di Bergamo Gelato. This will surely be the best gift anyone could ask for on their birthday. 

Best Gelato in London

Italian artisanal gelato is immensely appreciated all over the world and consequently also in the magnificent city of London. There is a vast choice when it comes to such a big city, so follow this guide and discover what the most loved ice cream parlours in London are!

Best gelaterias in London

Gelato artiganale has conquered the entire world, which is why it is no surprise that the most famous city in the United Kingdom has a lot to offer regarding the most famous foods, wines, and quality ice creams. Through London’s neighbourhoods, from the busy and touristy Portobello Road, Soho, and Covent Garden to the streets of the suburbs in Richmond and Chelsea, we have compiled a list of gelaterias in London you must try!

Ice cream in Central London

La Gelatiera 

This Covent Garden gelato parlour timidly opened its doors a few years ago in an attractive street near the famous St Martin’s Lane, surrounded by Mexican takeaways and contemporary art galleries. Today they have 3 locations and have fully maintained the original quality level of the ice creams handmade by Antonio, a genuine Calabrian who learned the art from his grandfather. Here you will find what is considered the best ice cream parlour in Covent Garden. Enjoy classic choices and different original and unique flavours, including: basil and chilli, dark chocolate sorbet, and their award-winning rosemary, honey, and orange peel. If you appreciate new, innovative, and unique desserts, try our new Sorbetto Sticks! Natural ice lollies that allow you to effortlessly consume a frozen dessert with no spoons, no cups, just the pleasure of an authentic Italian sorbetto.

Gelupo Gelato 

This famous Italian gelateria has been open since 2010 and is one of London’s best ice cream shops. Jacob Kennedy’s decided to launch ice cream in Soho, where the Italian goodness is made on site every day, with classic flavours using refined ingredients. Specials rotate every week during the hot summer seasons, especially with seasonal fruits and fresh flavours. Still, it is known for its experimental ice creams that replace an aperitivo, including the Pimms gelato and Lemonade sorbet. If you dread the crowds of busy central London during the weekends and want to enjoy a soft, beautiful, smooth lemon sorbet from the privacy of your cosy home, try our Limone Siciliano Sorbet with our Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato. Mhmm…buonissimo!

Ice cream shops in South London


3Bis is a gelateria in London that can be found in the versatile and fun Borough Market. It is yet another Italian ice cream parlour in London, however, with a somewhat unusual name: it was, in fact, the house number of their first laboratory, which opened in Rimini in 1987. The first of their ice cream parlours in London has been between a cheese shop and a coffee shop in the heart of Borough Market since 2012. Throughout the summer there is a huge queue, but in winter you can sit down to have an excellent Italian hot chocolate, as well as wonderful ice cream of course. Try, among others, pistachio and mascarpone cream with caramelized pine nuts. You are sure not to be disappointed. When you get a late-night craving for these particular flavours, go to our online store and easily purchase our authentic Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato and Mascarpone gelato dessert. 

Ice cream parlours in West London


Snowflake Luxury Gelato is one of the most famous gelaterias in South Kensington. Now a mini-chain, Snowflake South Kensington is an excellent quality ice cream parlour in London that, with elegance and modernity, offers classic flavours but also some more original and unique tastes. This premium Italian ice cream is handmade in the traditional way, using fresh milk from the island of Jersey (famous for its milk of excellent quality and substance), fresh fruit from the English countryside and nuts from Italy. They have 6 shops that testify to the success achieved with its Italian gelato: Snowflake also has an Italian ice cream maker, Paolo Rivieccio that ensures the quality and tradition are maintained. Alternatively, you can effortlessly enjoy luxury gelato at home with our Gelato Bundles, perfect for anyone that wants to sample the true Dolce Vita

Ice cream in East London

Chin Chin Labs 

Here is where you will find the best gelato in Shoreditch and where we also begin to move away from the traditional Italian way of making ice cream. Chin Chin Labs, in fact, offers gelato and sorbets made with liquid nitrogen. The result oscillates between a touch of chemistry and a little theatricality for a classy and original dessert. Currently, there are 3 gelaterias in London; some of their flavours include Tonka or coffee with olive oil, with a varied and almost unlikely choice of toppings (cinnamon toast, peanut sand, grilled white chocolate). If you find yourself visiting Shoreditch, Chin Chin Labs is a pleasant break. However, if you are still left with the need for authentic Italian gelato artisanale, check out our online store and browse our wide variety of natural and delicious gelato flavours, delizioso. 

Italian Aperitivo

An aperitivo is a moment of pure enjoyment in the name of relaxation. Whether you are going to or organising an aperitivo at home, the act goes beyond the consumption of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink; it is a moment of conviviality to be enjoyed among friends and family. Don’t hesitate any longer and learn all about the famous Italian aperitivo!

Origins: What is Aperitivo

An aperitivo drink is what we all look forward to towards the end of the afternoon, usually around 6 pm and 8 pm. It becomes almost a ritual on Fridays after work and especially on weekends. But have you ever wondered how this indispensable appointment was born? The meaning of aperitivo originates from the Latin word aperitivus, which means “that opens”. To further explain, in Ancient Greece, a doctor discovered that a drink was capable of “opening” the stomach by stimulating the sensation of hunger. Therefore, it can be assumed that at the time, what we now consider an enjoyable social moment was almost viewed as a cure for stomach-related problems.  

A few centuries later, the more modern history of the Italian aperitivo we know today was born. In Turin in 1786, the manager of a small liquor shop Antonio Benedetto Carpano gave life to what later became the most famous aperitivo drink: Vermouth. The King of Italy at the time, Vittorio Emanuele II, loved this wine so much that he made Vermouth a court drink. From that moment on, success was inevitable: Carpano’s marvellous drink had spread to all the cafes in the city, accompanied by snacks based on typical Piedmontese products such as cheeses and cured meats.

In short, from ancient medicine to a court’s adored wine, an assortment of new drinks, and numerous wines, aperitivo was transformed into an actual ritual that then spread throughout Italy. Easily comparable to the invention of happy hour in the US during the middle of the last century.

Why is Italian aperitivo so popular?

When it comes to aperitivos a recurring description is “ritual” because the Italian aperitivo is just that. It is no longer just a drink or a meal; it is a concept, a ritual, a moment. This is what makes Italian aperitivos so popular, in bars we connect with the people we know and meet new ones: it is a fun place to exchange ideas, have discussions, and build bonds. Arguably, the incredible food and drinks served during an aperitivo make it so popular. Still, having a place in common to unite friends, family and strangers can create a sense of belonging, which is far more powerful. 

Popular food and drinks

Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to drinks, and in theory, you can drink anything your heart desires during an aperitivo. However, there are popular pre-meal drinks that are usually best during an Italian apertivo. Alongside your glass, you will often enjoy what is considered Italian pre-dinner snacks. These range from savoury snacks, including slices of pizza or focaccia, crackers, olives, cured meats, and cheeses to sweets such as pastries and gelato. Considering these popular foods, Italians usually drink a beverage that pairs well with some of these foods. For instance: 

  • Wine: White, rosé and dry wines are popular drinks during an aperitivo, as well as Prosecco (the most common), which allow you to transition into dinner easily.
  • Bitter drinks and seltzers: I’m sure we have all heard of the legendary Aperol Spritz. This incredible drink is the most popular at an Italian aperitivo and enhances all the savoury snack flavours on the platter. 
  • Vermouth: The drink that started it all is strong and persistent on the palate. Dry Vermouth pairs perfectly with olives by stimulating bitter flavours and can also enhance sweet ones if preferred.
  • Cocktails, beers, and soft drinks: These drinks are slightly less common than the previous ones, but they can also fulfil the ritual’s goal. The most bitter ones stand out regarding cocktails, whereas you can find all types of beers at an Italian aperitivo.

The beauty of the Italian aperitivo is in its simplicity. As you can see above, you don’t need to spend days organising, preparing elaborate dishes or even be an experienced bartender. A glass of wine, a few olives, cheese, bread, and the desire to be in good company is more than enough. Don’t hesitate any longer and enjoy the wonderful ritual of an Italian aperitivo, whether it’s at a lively bar or in the privacy of your own home.

Gelato-themed proposals

What could possibly be better than a frozen cocktail during hot summer evenings? Although most drinks include ice, your beverages will not be immune to the summer heat, and there is nothing worse than a hot drink at an aperitivo. As a result, Remeo offers you magnificent gelato-themed proposals, ideal for a refreshing treat with friends… buonissimo!

Gelato affogato is a simple and quick recipe and the perfect alternative for the summer seasons! Gelato affogato consists of a scoop of natural and fine gelato soaked in liquor or espresso coffee. Beware, it is essential to pair the correct gelato flavour with the proper alcohol! 

There is a wide variety of pairings when it comes to Gelato affogato, but the most popular ones include: 

  1. Affogato al Whisky – If whiskey is one of your favourite liquors, you can enjoy a tasty frozen cocktail, including a creamy gelato scoop. For a delicate twist, the best pairing is our signature Madagascan Vanilla Gelato.
  2. Affogato al Prosecco – What if a Bellini could become gelato? All you need to do is choose our flavourful Alphonso Mango Sorbet and cover it with Prosecco to create the best-tasting mango Bellini.
  3. Affogato al Rum – When it comes to Rum, there is only one option, our rich and classic Ecuadorian Chocolate Gelato. The result is phenomenal! 

There are endless ways to make frozen cocktails for aperitivos, but for more unique and flavourful ideas to master the art of the aperitivo Italiano click here.

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